Welcome to Baskets & More

Welcome to the art of basketry.  Here you can find opportunities to learn more about basket weaving by registering to take a class, by purchasing a handwoven basket and by visiting me at a local craft fair



Basket Classes

Come and look - there is a class for YOU!  If you have never woven a basket, last made a basket in scouting when you were 10, have woven a few baskets and want to build your skills, or looking for a challenge, there is a class for you.  Classes are held in my home in Georgetown, TX. 


Baskets for Sale

I took my first basket weaving class in the Fall of 1994 while my husband was stationed in Hawaii.  A month later, I jumped in head first and ordered supplies to make everyone a basket for Christmas!  I have been participating in craft fairs in the Central Texas area since 2000.


Rit Dye

Thirteen (13) colors to choose from.  Some have been discontinued by the manufacturer.  Take a look and see if I have that old color you have been looking for!